The South Dakota Foundation of Family Medicine was created by the South Dakota Academy of Family Physicians and the Sioux Falls Family Practice residency in 1986 with the following goals:

  • To promote and maintain high standards of care in the specialty of Family Practice in South Dakota.
  • To support activities which maintain the educational excellence of family physicians throughout their practice experience.
  • To support research activities in Family Practice which ultimately will result in improved patient care.
  • To support activities which encourage medical students to pursue Family Practice in sufficient numbers to meet Family Practice manpower needs.
  • To support activities which enhance the educational preparation and training of future family physicians at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Private giving will play a significant role in support of future growth and development of the specialty of Family Practice in South Dakota. With public funding for graduate education growing at a slower rate than escalating costs, increased private support is critical to maintaining standards of educational excellence.

Your gift to the South Dakota Foundation of Family Medicine will help provide for basic unrestricted needs and enable expenditures for special and innovative programs where public funds are inadequate or unavailable. These gifts directly enhance educational experiences through this endowment fund.

We encourage your support of this philanthropic arm of our Academy and South Dakota’s Family Practice Residency Training Programs.

All donations should be made payable to the South Dakota Foundation of Family Medicine. This will insure that all benefits are available for Foundation needs, including projects, programs and activities. All donations are acknowledged and are tax deductible, this being a 501(c)(3) Corporation.

Thank you for your support.